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I don't have to be in a club to ride the trails, so why should I join? We need the support of everyone that uses the trails. It takes a lot of money to build, maintain, sign, groom the trails, and to buy the equipment to groom with. It takes a constant and united effort by all snowmobilers to stop land closures and to watch out for our sport!

Who can be a member? Membership is open to anyone 16 years of age or older. Membership is available for a family or for an individual.

Do members have to do work? There is no "work" required of our membership. We do have to do some trail maintenance and signing each fall. This is done by members who volunteer. We like to have an enjoyable time when we do trail maintenance and think of it more as a day in the outdoors to be enjoyed, rather than work.

What is in it for me? Your membership in the club entitles you to attend all club meetings, fund raisers, social functions, you get 7 to 8 club newsletters per year, any discounts that can be arranged for trips or merchandise, and a decal to put on your snowmobile identifying you as a member. You also get membership in the state snowmobile club, Minnesota United Snowmobile Association, (MnUSA).

MnUSA membership provides: a subscription to Minnesota Snow-mobiling magazine, $2,000 accidental death Insurance for each member of your family, a MnUSA decal, and a professional lobbyist to work with legislators on snowmobiling issues.

Do I have to attend meetings? NO! Our meetings are open to all of our members and we do encourage everyone to attend and be a part of running the organization. We have seven regular club membership meetings per year. September thru March. The Officers and Board of Directors meets on a monthly basis all year round.

Are the outings just for men? NO! We have many outings and events that are designed for the whole family.

Who pays for the trails? Every snowmobiler!

Most of our trails are funded by the Grant-in-Aid Snowmobile Trail Fund which is administered by the DNR. The monies that make up this fund are: the snowmobile registration fees and 3/4% of the non-refunded gas tax collected by the State. The monies in this trail fund are what we as snowmobilers generate. There are no other tax dollars used!

We pay our own way!


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